Privacy for you Peace of mind for your loved ones

TEC Angel was created to help vulnerable people, living alone, stay in their own homes. Using discreet sensors around your home, door and room movements are monitored for unusual activity at odd times; sending text alerts to carers should something occur outside of the everyday routine.

Who is it for?

The elderly

Living with a disability


Healthcare professionals

Why TEC-Angel?

Some 20 years ago, a dear colleague related his story to me, and it is his story which has been my main motivation to design this product… My poor colleague had a son, who at 21 broke his neck in a mountain biking accident. After much surgery and therapy he regained some basic movement, and being young he wanted to be independent and finally moved into a flat on his own, urging his parents to back off and leave him to cope. One day he fell on the floor in the kitchen, not injured, but unable to raise himself or summon help in his debilitated state, he died there, on that kitchen floor, because no one was aware of his plight. We now have the solution that would allow him to keep his much valued independence, maintain the dignity of not having cameras peering at him, and give both him and his parents peace of mind. Scott, I’m two decades too late to help you and your parents, but now I have the time and resources to develop this product I have truly done it to the best of my ability. This is for people like you…

Founder of TEC-ANGEL

Easy to fit

Quick and easy to fit, without any wires or permanent fixings.

Fully customisable

Flexible, changes can be made to the configuration simply and remotely by text.

24 hour reassurance

Monitoring everyday routines to detect unusual occurrences.

  • Works without a broadband, Wi-Fi or landline connection

  • Self contained system - all data remains in the home

  • No intrusive cameras or microphones

  • Every sensor is equipped with a panic button

  • Police Secured by Design (SBD) accredited

  • Can be used in conjunction with pendant alarms