1x Main Hub

1x Door Sensor

5x Movement Sensors

1x Power Lead

1x User Guide

1x SIM Card

The Main Hub

The TEC-Angel Hub

The hub is the brains of the TEC-Angel system; making sense of the movements around the home. If the hub detects unusual activity, the panic alarm button has been pressed, or there has been no activity. it will be the hub which sends the text alerts to the designated carers. Although the ideal position for the hub is central to the sensors, out of sight can be a good place should someone be liable to accidentally unplugging it from the mains electricity and it is always a good idea to check the network signal is strong enough for the system to work efficiently before affixing the hub to the wall.

Movement Sensors

5 Movement Sensors

These sensors detect movement within the home and send messages back to the hub. They are designed to be mounted at chest height and are most sensitive to movement across the sensor rather than walking towards or away from it.

Each sensor also has a single red light which will indicate movement has been detected although the light can be disabled, with a simple text, if so wished. Each sensor is also equipped with a panic button which will send an immediate text alert to the carer, when pressed.

If your toilet is in a separate room to the main bathroom, you will need to order a specific ‘toilet‘ sensor.

Door Sensors

1 Door Sensor

As with the movement sensors, the door sensor is best placed at chest height, directly on the door, where it won’t impede on the opening and closing of the door. The sensor works on rotation and will alert carers when the door is opened at times outside of the agreed social hours or is left open for long periods of time. The door sensor also has a panic button which is most useful when unwanted visitors try to gain access to the home.

Options for larger homes

Worried about what to do if you own a large house?

The standard pack comes with enough sensors for a 1 bedroom flat (Front door, hall, lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathrom). If you require more sensors you can add to your order. The TEC-Angel system will work with up to 11 movement sensors and 4 door sensors. If, when you are placing your order for additional sensors, you let us know which rooms they will be installed in, we will name and pair the extra sensors with the hub.

If you have rooms which you don’t use, you will not need to purchase a sensor for those rooms.