Preserving Independence for those convalescing at home

‘An angel who is truly watching over me’

After suffering a cardiac arrest, 52 year old Graham wanted to recover at home, rather than going to stay with someone who could care for him. Graham’s family felt a non-intrusive monitoring and alert system could help restore Graham’s confidence around the home and alert his family should he fall or be unable to get out of bed.

By installing TEC-Angel, Graham was able to make a speedy recovery in his own home and his family, who live some distance away, were able to ‘look our for him’ without intruding.

How it works

TEC-Angel is a monitoring and alert system designed to keep vulnerable people living independently at home. With a movement sensor in each room and an innovative external door open/close detector, TEC-Angel can determine which room the person is in and how long they’ve been there along with the temperature of any occupied rooms and whether they are at home or outside.

Combine this with some lifestyle information configured about the person’s everyday routine such as normal sleep times, what times of day they may go out and what times they are normally at home, and TEC-Angel can alert to many of the circumstances which are indicative of a problem.

How it helps

TEC-Angel can be installed and setup quickly and easily requiring only the contents of the box and a carer’s mobile phone to operate, allowing the focus to be made on making the person feel settled and comfortable once back at home.

The hub will alert to changes of routine such as not getting up in the morning, being too long in any one room and whether they have had a disturbed night’s sleep. As the person regains their health the settings can be changed to suit the person’s increased capabilities. This is done simply and remotely by text using the carer’s mobile phone.

TEC-Angel pushes the text alerts to the carer, removing the need for constant checking. However, with a simple “ACTIVITY ?” request, TEC-Angel will respond with the last five rooms occupied and how long they have been there. This is particularly useful to avoid calling when they are indisposed.

Independence at home

Hospital Acquired Infections are considered the biggest risk of a prolonged hospital stay.
The CDC estimates 1.7 billion hospital related infections contribute to or cause patient deaths each year.
One in ten hospital beds is taken by someone fit to be released.
Discharged patients and their family want them to return home but are worried about how they will cope.

Examples of messages from TEC-Angel

TEC-Angel can detect and alert to many circumstances indicative of a problem.

For a full list of the alerts detected, please refer to the:

TEC-Angel Dictionary

“It really is a godsend especially as there is no point ringing him as since his stroke his speech is now non existent so at least I know with the TEC-Angel that he is ok”

Helen – Buckinghamshire

“Dad came home from hospital yesterday and the whole system has been a godsend. He has carers 4 times a day as he can’t get around properly but the last visit is 7pm. TEC-Angel warns me if he fails to get himself to bed by 9PM. “

Cox – Middlesex

“Very impressed, installation was really straight forward, and I love how the system runs discreetly in the background at all times. It’s given us all real peace of mind.”

Stuart – Baddow

“Fab. I am loving it. I know exactly when the carers turn up and leave !!”

Helen – Buckinghamshire

“An angel who is truly watching over me. “

Graham – Chatteris

“I won’t need one of those things, I’ve got my pull cord and help button”

… Some week later …

“How did you know I’ve been too sick to go out for 3 days ?”

Pamela, Wanstead

Easy to fit

Quick and easy to fit, without any wires or permanent fixings.

Fully customisable

Flexible, changes can be made to the configuration simply and remotely by text.

24 hour reassurance

Monitoring everyday routines to detect unusual occurrences.

  • Works without a broadband, Wi-Fi or landline connection

  • Self contained system - all data remains in the home

  • No intrusive cameras or microphones

  • Every sensor is equipped with a panic button

  • Police Secured by Design (SBD) accredited

  • Can be used in conjunction with pendant alarms