Our TEC team

Driven by the desire to help others and make people’s lives at home secure for as long as possible. TEC-Angel is run by team of innovators and considerates, aiming to make caring for others as safe and easy as possible.

Nigel Mills Managing Director

What attracted you to ARC Informatics?

I came out of retirement to put my engineering skills back to good use and to design a product that would truly help vulnerable people.

Nigel in 5 words

Honest, Geeky, Reliable, Industrious, Closet rebel.


Norwich Terriers Tetley & P.G. Tips… “The Teabags”.

Interests outside of work?

Good Sci-Fi, Home automation & Gadgets, absurd cars (I have a DeLorean!).

Maizee Wilde Sales & Marketing Executive

What attracted you to ARC Informatics?

I strongly believe in TEC-Angel and its potential to help people.

Maizee in 5 words

Caring, determined, loyal, enthusiatic and open minded.


I don’t have any, but I love the Teabags.

Interests outside of work?

Travelling abroad; particularly Germany, motorbike rides with my other half, good coffee and of course Disney.

Karen Cole Business Development Director

What attracted you to ARC Informatics?

Having spent over 20 years in marketing, the last 10 being spent in healthcare, I can relate to TEC-Angel and its benefits on so many levels and want to see the TEC-Angel brand grow into a household name.

Karen in 5 words

Passionate, creative, caring, determined and tenacious.


A black cat called Jeffrey (always wanted a dog but working long hours prevented getting one – sorry Jeffrey).

Interests outside of work?

Travel, cooking, eating, red wine with a recently discovered liking for gin.

The Teabags

What attracted you to ARC Informatics?

Being with our favourite hoomans all day and the opportunity to bark at every delivery man, but mainly the biscuits!!

Teabags in 5 words

Cute, Furry, Loveable, Protective, Eternally hungry!


We love cuddles with Maizee and Karen, and trips to the farm shop next door for our daily treat!

Interests outside of work?

Chasing squirrels (where do they go behind that tree?), cuddling up to anyone on the sofa, throwing my glance longingly towards the biscuits !

Our Office

Arc Informatics
Suite 7, 8 High Street
Ipswich, Suffolk

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