TEC-Angel’s Website Launch

TEC-Angel is proud to announce the launch of our new website. Its bright and interactive design brings a range of information to allow visitors to make an informed choice with rich product detail. As well as news and other industry related issues, it provides a range of detail from a simple overview of TEC-Angel, to how it helps different user groups, right through to the detail of individual alerts and device setup.

Explaining TEC-Angels application to the elderly, disabled and those convalescing from a hospital visit, our TEC-Helps pages include information specific to those different user groups; as well as our animated explainer videos and testimonials from people with TEC-Angel systems installed in their homes.

 Our director Nigel Mills is particularly proud of the TEC-Angel Dictionary; which provides the user with all TEC-Angels alerts and settings in one place, as well as details on how to personalise each setting to suit the person’s lifestyle. It’s presented clearly allowing users to see as much or little detail as required.

 Our News and Media page has been designed to not only highlight TEC-Angels activities and product development, but to also provide useful information chosen specifically for our customers. The page also includes a list of events TEC-Angel will be attending enabling people to meet our team face to face, as well showcasing events that could be of benefit.

 On the Healthcare Professionals page, we explain the benefits of using TEC-Angel as part of care packages differentiating between, elderly, disabled and those convalescing. This also includes access to equipment handbooks and details in application notes for a variety of applications.

In the future, we will also be including interviews regarding the different types of telecare and what to look out for to aid professionals wishing to include telecare as part of their care plans.

Nigel Mills Founder of TEC-Angel said:

 “As an Engineer, I hate websites that are all glossy but don’t provide any real detail, if you have care decisions to make then you need to know the details! This has been a long haul for us, but we’re finally there with the new website providing everything from a brief overview to exact details of the product if you opt to delve deep enough”

We hope that you find our website useful and informative. Our goal remains to provide our customers with excellent customer service and an innovative solution which improves the lives of families and their loved ones.

If you have any additional queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the following:

Phone: 01245 860 252

Email: [email protected]