TEC-Angel Visits Graham

After suffering a cardiac arrest, 52-year-old Graham wanted to recover at home, rather than going to stay with someone who could care for him. Graham’s family felt a non-intrusive monitoring and alert system could help restore Graham’s confidence around the home and alert his family should he fall or be unable to get out of bed.

TEC-Angel was the perfect solution; allowing Graham to recover in his own home with the knowledge, should something happen, his family would receive an alert text and help could be sent.

The TEC-Angel team visited Graham; to see how he was getting on with TEC-Angel, he reported back by installing TEC-Angel he was able to make a speedy recovery in his own home and his family, who lived some distance away, were able to ‘watch over him’ without intruding and knowing ‘Dad was OK’.

Graham said “TEC-Angel enhances that relationship between families, an angel who continues to watch over me.”