TEC-Angel Visits Tim and Alma

Alma’s husband passed away leaving Alma, home alone. A fit 91-year-old, Alma wanted to remain, independent in her own, warden controlled flat, while her daughter and grandson, Tim wanted to find a way of looking after her without intrusive cameras which allowed her freedom, dignity and privacy.

Tim heard about TEC-Angel through a friend and thought the system would be ideal for Alma.

The TEC-Angel team alongside the talented videographer AQ2 visited Tim and Alma to see how they were getting on with the TEC-Angel system. It was a lovely day with talks, laughter and most importantly cake! We discovered, TEC-Angel was easy to install and has alerted Tim to: a power failure, unexpected visitors late at night and Alma being unwell.

Tim said “My Nan is very private but there are no cameras; TEC-Angel fits the bill. If something is wrong, I know about it and I can sort it out. TEC-Angel means that Nan remain private and I don’t have to worry.”

Alma added “It’s not for me; it’s for Tim” “Someone is watching over me- my TEC-Angel.”

Installing TEC-Angel in Alma’s flat has allowed her to stay, independent and comfortable in her own home, Tim and his mum have achieved peace of mind; knowing they will be alerted if something out the usual should happen to her.