Life after a roasting in the Den

Advice from local entrepreneur, Nigel Mills, on dealing with the Dragons

On October 15, 2017; BBC 2 aired the moment when TEC-Angel’s director, Nigel Mills, dared to enter the Dragons’ lair with an innovative new solution to a growing problem. We were looking to the Dragons, essentially, to offer their extensive expertise and experience to help bring our TEC-Angel system successfully to market.

Motivated by a friend’s tragic loss of his 21 year old son, while attempting to regain his independence after breaking his neck in a mountain biking accident, Nigel spent several years developing the TEC-Angel system. TEC-Angel is a monitoring and alert system designed to help vulnerable people, living alone, stay safe in their own home; keeping their independence, dignity and privacy while giving those who care for them peace of mind.

Nigel said, ‘Facing the Dragons was a nerve wracking experience however I managed to compose myself and complete my pitch’. Asked about what advice he would give to future applicants, Nigel said ‘Notwithstanding extensive preparation of our pitch nothing had prepared me for the intensity and probing of the Dragons’ questions and, however much time you take to prepare your pitch to perfection, preparation for the Dragons’ questions should be given considerably more attention.

Facing the Dragons was a catalyst for us to make changes to our strategies and our experience with the Dragons led to appointing a new marketing team, re-branding, creating a new website and putting in place new marketing strategies. On Peter Jones’ advice we have also begun the process of finding a telecare partner to offer additional value to our package/service.