Why TEC-Angel?

TEC-Angel can assist carers and healthcare professionals in supporting vulnerable people living independently, allowing them to make informed care decisions based on objective evidence.
By removing the guesswork and “what ifs”, carers can spot changes to everyday routines and adjust care accordingly – enabling people who are more vulnerable to remain independent in their own homes.

How TEC-Angel supports healthcare professionals


  • Allows people privacy and dignity
  • Removes the need for constant checking
  • Gives caregivers peace of mind
  • Enables them to stay independent in their own familiar surroundings

Cost Savings

  • Be alerted to a changing routine or potential problems early
  • Keeping people in their own homes and out of hospital or other supported living
  • Allowing them home earlier to convalesce
  • Supporting patients to stay independent and safe allowing issues such as bed blocking to be reduced.

Easy to fit

Quick and easy to fit, without any wires or permanent fixings.

Fully customisable

Flexible, changes can be made to the configuration simply and remotely by text.

24 hour reassurance

Monitoring everyday routines to detect unusual occurrences.

  • Police Secured by Design (SBD) accredited

  • No intrusive cameras or microphones

  • Fully customisable to the user’s daily routines

  • Can be used in conjunction with pendant alarms

  • One carer can monitor multiple TEC-Angel systems

How does it help ?
Elderly Care
  • Discreet, 24-hour monitoring alerts carers to changes allowing additional aids to be put in place
  • Allowing busy families, who may live a distance away, to play a part in their loved ones’ care
  • Gives caregivers peace of mind
  • About the cost of one week in a care home, and allows users to remain in a familiar environment
People Living With Disabilities
  • Allows users to live independently and safely
  • Helps individuals regain control over their daily lives and build confidence
  • Can highlight where extra support is needed, without invasive cameras or microphones
Those Convalescing From Hospital
  • Allows users to carry on living as normal, in the safety and comfort of their own home
  • Helps individuals get back to their normal routine more quickly and safely
  • Reduces the risk of getting Hospital Acquired Infections from an extended hospital stay
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